Want to know more about RPA and Automate?

Korper ICT has various manuals and on-demand webinars in the Knowledge Center. A new series of webinars on RPA will follow in March

We get quite a lot of questions about how RPA can help companies to work more efficiently. People also want to know how they can get the most out of Automate. Of course, we like to tell you more about it – we love our profession so we enjoy talking about it – but we also have a comprehensive Knowledge Center on our website. Very convenient, right?

Why a Knowledge Center? Because we want all our clients to benefit from the advantages that Automate has to offer – so they can get the most out of it. Indeed, there is so much you can do with Automate. And while everyone can quickly master the basics of Automate (Drag and Drop is easy to learn), there are always those tips and tricks that make your process even more efficient, and your work more straightforward.

On-Demand and live webinars

We have included various manuals and on-demand webinars in our Knowledge Center. The manuals provide an overview of the different versions of Automate, as well as their features. During our webinars, we look at things from a wider perspective. Where one webinar covers the use of Automate combined with Excel, another shows you the benefits of RPA. We also provide webinars ourselves. We get our say, often together with Automate’s own developers. The webinars are accessible for everyone.

And we keep organizing these webinars on a regular basis. For example, we’ve planned a series of new webinars from March 22nd until March 26th. These cover topics such as End-to-End automation and address a couple of concrete examples and successes.

The people behind Automate also want users to have access to as much knowledge as possible. Therefore they also have a Knowledge Center where, aside from practical information, they publish interesting articles and tell users how they are using Automate and RPA in their organisation. An excellent way to find inspiration.

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Implementing RPA is not just a matter of installing the software. RPA forces you to reflect on your operational processes. For that, you want to have as much information as possible and also have the opportunity to consume that information the way you prefer. And we want people to reap the maximum benefits of all the features that Automate has to offer. Hence, a new series of webinars in March. So go ahead and take a look. Or sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date.