Secure ICAP Gateway

Bring your existing security infrastructure to the next level

Secure ICAP Gateway at a glance

When data is moved, whether internally or externally, through the web or a managed file transfer (MFT) solution, there is always a risk. Unintentional exposure of sensitive information or threats hidden within documents, for example. In order to strengthen the security of your existing MFT or web proxy infrastructure, Clearswift developed Secure ICAP Gateway (SIG).

SIG offers award winning data loss prevention (DLP) andadded security features, allowing you to detect sensitive information, malware, high-risk executables and other threats to your organisation’s data. However, SIG goes beyond conventional ‘stop and block’ technology; when suspicious content is detected, it applies adequate measures based on your organisation’s policies.

This ensures an uninterrupted flow of communication, as well as compliance with relevant rules and regulations.

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The most important advantages of Secure ICAP Gateway

Adaptive security for sensitive information

Different pieces of data may require different security treatments. Clearswift’s Secure ICAP Gateway allows you to automatically apply adequate security treatments based on the content, context and regulation policy of your data. This way, you can trust that your most sensitive information is safe – anywhere, anytime.

Modify content in real-time

Threats can appear in many forms, but are often hidden in ‘forgotten’ content, like meta data, revisions and properties. Clearswift’s unique, adaptive redaction technology allows you to modify content in real-time, and block or remove that forgotten content to prevent exposure of sensitive information.

Keep an eye on the data being shared

In order to gain and maintain complete control, you need to have insight into the critical data that is being shared. Clearswift’s SIG utilizes a so-called deep content inspection engine, which has the ability to disassemble the flow of communication without interrupting it. Benefit from high detection rates, regardless of file size, encryption or embedding.

Protect against inbound threats

Any file you receive from a third party (such as an order confirmation, an invoice or a legal document) can potentially contain suspicious content. This is a risk to your organisation and your critical data. Clearswift’s SIG utilizes adaptive technology to neutralize threats such as embedded malware and malicious scripts from coming in or leaving your organisation – without any disruptions to your communication.

Integrate with your existing infrastructure

Clearswift’s SIG is an extremely flexible security solution that can easily be integrated with your existing proxy gateway with support for ICAP or a MFT solution – without any noticeable changes for end users. It is also possible to run the Secure ICAP Gateway in Azure or Amazon Web Services(AWS), or virtualized in a VMware Environment.

Combine with GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway offers seamless integration with GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer. This creates an exceptionally powerful solution, especially for industries with demanding requirements for file transfer security.

Reasons to choose Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway

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Full control over critical data

Mitigate risks and ensure compliance by blocking, encrypting or removing critical data.

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Enhance security of existing gateways

Add an extra layer of protection to your current gateways, F5, Bluecoat, or MFT solutions.

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Minimize cybersecurity threats

Reduce the risks your organization is faced with when users share files.