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As an entrepreneur, you’re obviously doing everything you can to secure your business systems, software and networks. However, there are certain aspects of cyber security that are usually beyond an employer’s control. Incoming emails, for example. Not only should you be able to trust that your employees are fully aware of the risks that phishing mails create, you also need them to identify phishing mails as what they are. Korper ICT offers business the opportunity to administer a phishing test. We’re talking about awareness campaigns, with the purpose of increasing awareness about the dangers of phishing amongst your employees.

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The importance of cyber awareness

Cyber criminals are getting increasingly better at phishing. In the past, phishing mails were relatively easy to recognize; they had a lot of bad spelling and grammatical errors, a curious syntax due to automatic translations, and were send from email addresses that were very clearly fake. But these types of emails have been getting more and more professional. Not just in terms of textual content, but also with regards to logo’s and images. Fake email addresses from senders, sometimes only distinguishable from an official email address by a single number or letter, are quickly considered as legitimate by the recipient. In other words, it is becoming more and more difficult to identify fake emails – especially when it comes to targeted attacks. The need for a more critical look at emails is significantly greater than it used to be. It is therefore very important that your employees are sufficiently aware of the risks, so that they don’t randomly open any (suspicious) email that comes in and blindly start clicking links. This is where Korper ICT’s phishing test can provide a solution.

Phishing campaign: how it works

Administering a phishing test within your company is done as follows:

Phase 1: Setting up the phishing campaign

Prior to deployment of a phishing campaign, we’ll talk with you about the contents of the email that we will be sending out. This email will contain a link to a landing page, where the user is asked to log in. We will also coordinate with you what type of landing page this is and how it is set up.

Phase 2: Deploying the phishing campaign

The email is send to the employees within your company. If an employee clicks on the link in the email and actually attempts to log in on the landing page, they will be redirected to a page that informs them about the fact that this was a phishing campaign and describes exactly what happened. We provide tips regarding identifying phishing mails. Furthermore, we use concrete examples of recent large-scale hacks to illustrate what could have happened if it would have been a real phishing mail.

Phase 3: Reporting

During this phishing campaign, we measure how often people click on the link in the email and how often they try to log in on the ‘phishing’ page. All results are anonymised in order to ensure that the data cannot be traced back to an individual. The results of the phishing test are documented in a report. Based on click rates and login rates, you can subsequently proceed with further awareness-increasing activities such as organizing courses.

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Do you want to increase your employees’ awareness of the risks surrounding phishing, and ensure they are more capable to identify phishing mails? Feel free to contact Korper ICT for more information about a personalized phishing test for your business.