Digital Rights Management Software. Protect your files with state-of-the-art data security. Anywhere, anytime.

Fully secured data in motion

Sensitive file sharing with third parties

Vera secures legal and financial data (including IP and PII) – within your organisation as well as outside of it.

Complete control over file access

If someone attempts to open one of your confidential files, our software sends out a request to the Vera cloud to confirm access rights for that individual.

Non-stop protection

Benefit from active file protection that continuously stays with your data and secures it even when it is in use.

Compliance with rules and regulations

Vera enables compliance with PII, PCI or PHI and reduces risks by ensuring your files are only accessible to authorized parties.

Compatible platforms

Windows, Mac OS, iOS & Android

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Discover Vera’s Digital Rights Management

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Secure file sharing

Enable safe collaboration by leveraging current distribution channels to share your files with third parties.

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Reliable security

Protect your sensitive files with AES 256-bit encryption. One click is all it takes.

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User friendly

No need for end users to install any new software, and keeping track of third parties is easy.

Everything you can secure with Vera

Legal & financial files

Legal and financial documents are fully protected and easily shared with authorized external parties.

Documents in the Cloud

Regardless of where you store your sensitive data (Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint, Box or on-premise), it is all automatically secured with Vera.

CAD/CAM work files

Our DRM software ensures that your business secrets remain secure. From concept designs for new products to R&D documents.

Any other type of data or file

As a content-agnostic platform, Vera can meet even the most specific needs to protect any data or file type.


Protect your sensitive data with continuous security

  • Solid encryption
    256-bit AES encryption for any file type
  • Dynamic & detailed access policies
    That stay with your files, anywhere they travel
  • Always ON security
    Modify access policy for collaborators without re-encrypting the file


Track access to files and manage all the details

  • Comprehensive file details
    Files, access durations, actions | users and actions | devices and locations
  • Centralized storage of access logs
    Retrieving and archiving logs has never been easier
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration
    Export via syslog and create CSV files for analysis


Stay compliant with complete audit trails

  • Complete audit trails
    Of both successful and failed access attempts
  • Get-Out-Of-Jail cards
    Get full access reports of all files containing PII, PHI and PCI data
  • Ensure consistent compliance
    For GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI


Revoke access to previously shared files

  • Revoke access to internally shared files
    Even those stored on employee devices that are no longer in use
  • Revoke access to externally shared files
    With customers, partners and vendors
  • Preserve complete control of unstructured data
    Whether it is shared through email or cloud-based collaboration platforms

Use cutting-edge collaboration platforms in the safest way possible


Main features for Dropbox:

  • Utilize AES 256-bit encryption to protect any file type, on any platform and any device
  • Benefit from seamless integration with Dropbox, without affecting the user experience
  • Protect data uploaded to specific Dropbox folders automatically, or secure the entire Dropbox account
  • Track your files in real-time and see where they are opened, copied, downloaded or moved into another sharing service


Main features for OneDrive:

  • Secure the content created with Microsoft software automatically, without impacting end-users
  • Modify permissions and access to your files dynamically, no matter how or where it is shared
  • Revoke access instantly. From any user, device or organization


Main features for SharePoint:

  • Secure the content created with Microsoft software automatically, without impacting end-users
  • Modify permissions and access to your files dynamically, no matter how or where it is shared
  • Map even the most complicated permissions to SharePoint security groups with ease


Main features for Box:

  • Utilize AES 256-bit encryption to protect any file type in Box, on any device
  • Benefit from seamless integration with Box, without affecting the user experience
  • Protect data uploaded to specific Box folders automatically, or secure the entire Box account

In a digital world without boundaries, Vera provides supreme protection of your data

Why Vera?

Any organization should have full control over intellectual property, access to sensitive files, and what can be done with that data. Not just within the organization, but also when files are shared with external recipients. Vera provides you with maximum control over your data, regardless where it travels, by attaching solid encryption, security and policies to the data itself.

When it comes to protecting your data, there are numerous solutions available. However, most of these solutions come with severe limitations. They may protect your data, but make it virtually impossible to share. Vera is the only data security solution that enables users to share files with designated individuals securely and always maintain access control, even after sharing the files. This allows the safest possible collaboration, without disrupting the user experience and productivity.

What is the difference between Vera and conventional DRM tools?

Conventional Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions may protect your data, but they also have a lot of limitations. Most of them only support specific file types and their frameworks are rather inflexible. Aside from that, business users find that implementation and use require more time and technical skills than they have. Especially external users experience difficulty with integration. These are limitations that you won’t have with Vera. Our data security platform enables you to protect any file type and gives you full control over your data, anywhere it travels. It provides a seamless experience for end-users, regardless of whether recipients are using the Vera client.

Maximum adaptability

If you’re looking for a security solution that is able to adapt to any kind of data and works across multiple different platforms, Vera is the perfect choice.

Developed on a scalable platform, Vera attaches encryption, protection and policy to the data itself. This provides you with maximum control over your data, wherever it travels. This is how we provide creation, communication and collaboration in the safest possible way.

Flexible & quick

No matter where your data travels, you can track, control and audit in real time.

No restrictions

Allow your users to productively use any data, software or storage solution, while ensuring the best possible protection


Regardless of your organizations’ industry or file type, Vera can provide a solution

Easy to use

Benefit from great usability and seamless integration into user workflows

Effortless integration

It doesn’t matter what applications or tools your users work with; Vera provides seamless integration with all of them. Aside from internal applications, Vera also enables integration with third party solutions, such as:

  • Box
  • Microsoft Office
  • Dropbox
  • SharePoint

Undisturbed file access and security

Provide both internal as well as trusted external users with access to secured data within native applications, without ever losing control. This also includes files made with:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

Smooth protection and control of your data

Get the best security and control for both self-developed and third party applications and use the Vera platform to:

  • Ensure maximum data protection
  • Control access to your sensitive files
  • Manage user permissions

Vera’s reliable platform architecture

Both small and large organizations can benefit from a trustworthy, scalable data security solution. Vera’s platform architecture incorporates three main components:

Vera cloud platform

Vera’s cloud platform enables your organization to be up and running in no time! It is also what makes our solution so flexible, allowing effortless adaptability to our specific business requirements. Easily manage who has access to your sensitive files, and control what they should be able to do with the data those files contain.

Vera end-user client

Users that need to access and edit secured files on a daily basis, are able to do this conveniently from within their native applications. The browser interface is even accessible for safely viewing and editing of files. Managing and securing access, even for unsupported file types, is easier than ever with Vera’s helpful features.

Vera dashboard

Through the intuitive Vera dashboard, end-users can manage their own sensitive data. Administrators also have the ability to manage audits, monitor usage and configure integration with various operating platforms and authentication systems.