GlobalScape EFT

File transfers taking place in a secure environment


GlobalScape EFT (Enhanced File Transfer) is a software application that allows file transfers to take place in a secure environment. This platform offers:

  • Security and compliance
  • Stability
  • Automation
  • Total control
  • Application Programming Interface
  • High availability with active-active clustering

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The GlobalScape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server enables organisations to send files to clients and partners anywhere in the world securely, reliably and simply. EFT servers guarantee that the data security and privacy regulations established by the government are met and they also comply with nearly every organisation’s internal security policy.

Thanks to various modules and Korper ICT’s professional services, the flexible platform the GlobalScape EFT servers run on offers businesses the option to customise, including automation of workflow, execution of inspections and reports and the extra security (encrypting) of selected files or all files.

Software for File Transfers That Save You Time and Money

Using EFT can give your operational efficiency a big boost. Due to the combination of a powerful server with an automated client, this software offers you the best of all file transfer software components in one platform. This allows you to:

  • Start off quickly and in an intuitive manner
  • Automate file transfers, especially two-way transfers
  • Reduce errors and failures
  • Shrink file transfer installation time by up to 80%

High Availability Active-Active Clustering

EFT’s active-active deployment provides high availability by using two or more EFT servers in combination with a load balancer which makes your network available non-stop. All the nodes in this network are set to work without standby hardware or cluster software, in contrast to active-passive failover clusters.


DMZ Gateway Keeps You Safe

Thanks to the combination of the DMZ Gateway and the EFT Server, a multi-layer security solution is created for the storage and retrieval of data and the authentication and passing of the firewall. In contrast to other store-and-forward technologies, the DMZ Gateway does not store data or process it. It is a liaison through the ‘Demilitarised Zone’ to your internal network. This means your data is always safe and protected behind the firewall. The EFT Server DMZ Gateway sets up a so-called ‘East-to-West’ connection between the EFT Server and the DMZ Server. This ensures that ports from your internet network to the internet are never open.

More Security, More Control, Less Work

Managed file transfer software plays an important role for many companies. As soon as the user of the information in your organisation becomes dependent on manual, unplanned batch processes in order to deliver the information needed, day to day productivity becomes vulnerable. This vulnerability is caused by limits to manpower when personnel are on holiday or sick leave for example, but it can also be caused by human error. GlobalScape’s powerful managed file transfer software offers you the extra possibility of automating intensive processes which provides you with necessary control and insight.


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Using EFT can give your operational efficiency a big boost. Due to the combination of a powerful server with an automated client, this software offers you the best of all file transfer software components in one platform.

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Modules Make EFT Scalable and Adaptable

Your company is unique, as is your data. For this reason, your managed file transfer software should be custom made based on your security preferences and the challenges facing your organisation. The EFT Server is available in two editions: SMB and Enterprise. Ensure reliable and secure file transfers in your company with EFT SMB. If necessary, you can always upgrade easily or you can select the Enterprise edition immediately, which offers advanced file transfer capabilities and substantial automaton options.

Add modules when it is convenient:

Auditing & Reporting Module

Application Statement 2 (AS2) Module

Advanced Workflow Engine

Business Activity Monitoring

DMZ Gateway

High Security Module

HTTPS Module

Mobile Transfer Client

OpenPGP Module


Web Transfer Client

Migrating from SMB to Enterprise

Both the Enterprise and SMB versions of EFT are built on the same platform, which makes migrating very simple. This way, the managed file transfer software can grow along with your company and adapt to meet your changing needs.