Titus Accelerator for Privacy

Even more meticulous than your human work force

A smart solution that utilizes Machine Learning to secure sensitive data from the get-go


Protect sensitive files and emails – intelligently

In this digital era, virtually all organisations rely on their on premise systems to store personal data. Luckily, most of them are also aware of the risks they face when this data is not secured.

Titus Accelerator for Privacy helps to pinpoint Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within unstructured data, and subsequently suggests how this information should be categorized. It can even determine its categorization automatically.

Already have a solid privacy solution in place? No problem. Aside from functioning as a stand-alone solution, Titus Accelerator for Privacy can also be added to your existing program. This way, you can strengthen your security, optimize your privacy and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

How secure is your organisation’s data?

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Titus Accelerator for Privacy: an introduction

Discover what triggered us to create Titus, which organisations can benefit from our solution, and what we’re expecting from the future of data protection.


What makes Titus Accelerator for Privacy so smart?

Titus Accelerator for Privacy utilizes Deep Learning to categorize your data. Deep Learning is a form of Machine Learning, which basically means that the longer you use it, the more intelligent it becomes.

Titus uses specific keywords as well as the context surrounding those keywords to scan your content for Personally Identifiable Information, also known as PII. When a user wants to send an email that contains PII, that user will receive a warning before sending.

The user will then be presented with various options, depending on the specific company policy guidelines. He or she can send the email anyway, encrypt the email before sending, classify the email as confidential, or choose to remove PII before sending.

This is how Titus helps to strengthen your organisational security and privacy ecosystems.

Your frequently asked questions, answered

Can I use Titus Accelerator for Privacy if my business does not have a privacy solution (yet)?

Yes, definitely! Titus Accelerator for Privacy is a great solution for any organisation that is aware of the requirements for personal data protection, but has not yet implemented a full-fledged security program. This also applies for organisations that are unsatisfied with the scope of their current security solution.

Titus Accelerator for Privacy can easily be deployed as a fully functioning stand-alone solutions to prevent exposure of personal data.

How much time does it take to deploy?

We developed Titus Accelerator for Privacy in order to accelerate the time-to-value that you would get with a standard classification deployment. We provide ready-to-use configurations, designed for real-world implementations. Our dedicated consultants are happy to answer any questions you may have about sizing and scaling. Whatever you need to establish a quick and easy integration!


I already have a security solution. Wouldn’t it be a little exaggerated to add Titus as well?

Not at all. All components of your current security system can leverage the rich metadata Titus embeds in files and emails. This way, you create an interconnected, seamless system of the most advanced technologies, allowing your organisation to benefit from the most complete and solid solution for data protection.

My organisation wants to maintain full control over any process, including privacy-related ones. Is it possible to automate only select tasks with Titus?

While every organisation has its own specific needs when it comes to data privacy, they all face similar challenges – usually related to workflow bottlenecks and end users having insufficient knowledge.

Titus Accelerator for Privacy allows you to guide your end users to make data classification more efficient, without automating the process completely


Strengthen your existing privacy solution

Our solution brief explains everything you need to know about how Titus can help your organisation to reduce risks, maintain compliance and increase the value of your existing privacy ecosystem.

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