Secure file sharing with co-workers and clients

We’ve all done it: Mailed an Excel file with client names to a co-worker, or send photos with WeTransfer. But are you aware that these are one of the easiest ways to cause a data leak? You should be able to share files securely, with your co-workers as well as your clients. The Globalscape EFT platform makes this possible.

File sharing is very common. We share documents through email, send larger files with WeTransfer, or use Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions. The problem is that we use them interchangeably and all at the same time. This makes it impossible for IT administrators to keep track of the company information that is being shared, and with whom. Aside from the risks this entails, it also causes compliancy issues and makes it difficult to meet GDPR standards: your company will be virtually unable to provide decent logging data at an audit.

Manual work

Particularly in the finance industry, but also in (logistic) services, data sharing is often done through MFT. However, many MFT solutions still require a lot of manual work. Retrieving files can be automated, but processing those files is frequently done manually. Once files have been retrieved, they have to be moved to an ERP environment. Mails need to be send to the relevant company divisions. Processing files this way takes up a lot of time. Time you would rather spend on other things.

We get regular questions about MFT and data sharing, and how this can be done securely and easily. Therefore, we offer an MFT solution that houses all types of file transfers in one single environment, one that is secure and enables you to automate (parts of) file processing and logging: Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT).


One of Globalscape EFT’s most important features is the ability to run it in your own environment, in your cloud environment or as complete cloud-based solution. No matter what you choose, you have full control of your internal and external file transfers. Security meets all GDPR and (international) Security Standards, so your files are always safe. In addition, every action within Globalscape EFT can be logged if desired. This makes it easier to track down any issues during an audit.


Aside from the security aspect, Globalscape EFT also simplifies work. The platform is set up as a directory with folders, which makes moving files very easy. There is a built-in mail server for sharing smaller files. It is also possible to automate a substantial part of the MFT solution; from retrieving the files to moving them to other applications and send emails to various company divisions. Everything you used to do manually, you can now delegate to Globalscape EFT.

In a world of data and data sharing, you want to do everything as securely as possible, without having to spend too much effort. Preferably from one central environment, so you always maintain insight and track who shares what and with whom. Globalscape EFT facilitates this.

We can help you to implement this MFT solution, whether by migrating the previous environment or by setting up a new one. We also ensure all your other applications are connected. Would you like to learn more? Feel free to contact us or take a look at