Neo Security

Neo Security provides a cutting-edge approach of cyber protection by integrating data protection with cyber security. This fully integrated method eliminates complicated, multi-layered challenges, offers better protection against present-day threats and maximizes efficiency by saving time and money.

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Boldon James

This data classification software protects your data, delivers operational excellence and stimulates innovation. With Boldon James, your organisation remains secure and under control, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

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Cybersecurity Lead


Clearswift is based on a deep content inspection engine that detects real-time content, analyses it and modifies it if necessary. Unique editorial and clean-up capabilities remove solely the elements that could cause potential unwanted data leaks or disruptive cyber-attacks. This ensures an unimpeded, risk-free communication flow.

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A fast, reliable data identification and data classification solution that ensures your employees can work safely and confidently. Whether you’re creating, storing or sharing data, Titus software makes it easy to protect your information.

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