Secure Exchange Gateway

Secure your internal email communications with additional data loss prevention features


Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway at a glance

In order to protect your organisation (as well as everyone you communicate with) it is of vital importance to have visibility and control over the data that is being transferred through email.

Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway (SXG) provides identification of messages that contain critical, sensitive or inappropriate content. When detected, the content can either be placed in quarantine for manual inspection, or removed with adaptive redaction features. But there is more! SXG is also capable of detecting malware, suspicious scripts, and malicious attachments.

By utilizing our solution within the organisation and working your way out, Clearswift SXG ensures that internal email correspondence on your Exchange deployments adhere to all compliance policies relevant to your organisation.

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The most important advantages of Secure Exchange Gateway

Use deep content filtering options

Clearswift’s deep content engine enables you to take the inspection of context to the next level. Using the keywords search feature (which utilizes customizable dictionaries), you can scan every message and its attachments for inappropriate, objectionable or sensitive content.


Limit false notifications with Monitor Mode

With Monitor Mode, you can put your data loss prevention policy to the test and identify any issues with email content and false positives – without any interruption or impact on your message flow.


Stop malware in its tracks

There are two engines available to scan your messages, without affecting the processing cycles on the Exchange server. By removing suspicious code from Word documents, PDF files and HTML, you can prevent malware and other advanced cyber threats from infiltrating your corporate messaging systems.


Improve delivery times

Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway offers a solution specifically designed to reduce the load on your Exchange servers – guaranteeing uncompromised message delivery times.


Create policy-based rules

Enhance your security by defining policy-based rules, which you can customize on individual or group levels. This feature is especially important for organisations that need to ring fence their departments for compliance, like companies in financial services or military industries.


Integrate with ease

It is super easy to integrate SXG with existing Secure Email Gateways (SEG) and Secure Web Gateways (SWG), so policies and data reports can be shared.


Reasons to choose Clearswift for your Exchange Gateway

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Full control over critical data

Critical data can be blocked, encrypted or removed to reduce risks and comply with laws and regulations.

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Minimize business disruptions

Secure your data without compromising message delivery times or business activities.

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Maximize email security

Benefit from additional data loss prevention features for your Exchange server.