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Clearswift Secure Web Gateway at a glance

We all know there are dangers lurking on the World Wide Web – many of them hidden so well, you wouldn’t even realize they are there until it is already too late. When it comes to internet security, complete and consistent protection is key. Enter Clearswift Secure Web Gateway (SWG) – a flexible solution enabling organisations to protect the critical data they share across the web.

Clearswift Secure Web Gateway helps you to enforce maximum internet security across web traffic, web-based applications, and cloud collaboration platforms. It provides real-time content and context-aware scanning features in order to detect and modify any sensitive data shared across the web. This makes it easy to prevent accidental data leaks. Effortlessly monitor web traffic and prevent users who are connected to your corporate network from accessing inappropriate of malicious websites. You can also check downloaded content for suspicious scripts or harmful executables.

All of this allows you to protect your data while maintaining the ability to continuously communicate and collaborate with customers, suppliers and partners.

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The most important advantages of Clearswift Secure Web Gateway

Real-time web sanitation

Choose from three effective anti-virus engines and benefit from Cloud-based lookups, bi-directional virus detection and anti-malware scans to stop both known and unknown infections in their tracks. Advanced URL filtering features prevent your users from accessing high-risk URLs and inappropriate websites.


Business without interruptions

You want your web content to be safe, but you also need a certain continuity. Real-time monitoring, inspection and redaction technology enables you to only remove or block confidential data, while the rest of the web traffic can continue without any disruptions.


Flexible policy management

We are very aware of the challenges organisations are faced with in terms of regulations. In order to ensure compliance, Clearswift provides active directory integration. This allows you to apply flexible policy controls on individuals, groups, departments or the company as a whole, without any interference.


Maintain regulatory compliance

In order to mitigate data loss, minimize legal and reputational risks and stay compliant with rules and regulations, Clearswift SWG provides predefined expressions for PII and PCI data, customizable compliance dictionaries, and contextual rules for websites and social media.


Simplify administrative tasks

Clearswift Secure Web Gatewayprovides an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface. This minimizes the risk of human errors and significantly reduces the time spend on administration, which in turn brings down operational costs while allowing you to meet even the strictest security requirements.


Actionable insight

Benefit from high quality reporting and auditing features to determine how data on your networks is used, and what is needed to further prevent exposure of sensitive data and maintain a productive and appropriate use of your network resources.


Reasons to choose Clearswift Secure Web Gateway

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Reduce risks & maintain compliance

Flexible policy control features allow you to block, encrypt or remove sensitive or critical data.

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Provide secure collaboration

Support employee productivity by ensuring that communication across web and Cloud technologies is not disrupted.

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Stay in control

Maintain complete visibility of all the incoming and outgoing critical data within your organisation.