Korper ICT is a strongly grown organization that gets the most out of automation for its customers. We specialize in workload and business process automation with an emphasis on automated and sensitive data exchanges. Does your organization have a business process where a lot of manual data is still exchanged? Please contact us. We can help you speed up or fully automate this process.

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Consultants with experience

Within every organization there is a need for experienced IT specialists who look for the best solution with precision and customization. We have these specialists in-house, who strive for perfection in their work with traditional passion. They are concerned with the ultimate professional mastery. Our craftsmen have learned their trade not only from books, but also in practice within complex organizations. Here they are given full responsibility for the most extremely critical business processes. This is what we mean by real IT experience.

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Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) & GoAnywhere

Using a Managed File Transfer (MFT / FTP / FTPS / SFTP) solution helps your business achieve operational efficiency and excellence. Due to the combination of a powerful server, a user-friendly user interface, leading security and strong automation functionalities, you can set up hundreds or even thousands of connections with internal and external parties in no time.

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