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Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. And it should be, because every day many organisations become victims of inbound cyber-attacks and outbound data loss. Clearswift data security products offer complete and consistent protection of web, email and endpoints. This allows safe and efficient collaboration between teams, while providing full visibility and control of crucial and sensitive company data.


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Real-time content modification

Instead of traditional ‘stop and block’ methods, Clearswift increases efficiency by providing real-time protection and modification without any disruptions.

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Quick & easy implementation

Because it is so easy to implement, Clearswift provides your organisation with immediate protection from day one.

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Flexible integration

In the Cloud or on-premise. No matter where you need, Clearswift offers the best solution for your organisation.

Introducing Clearswift

Almost every organisation needs to comply with regulations like the GDPR or HIPAA, and data loss prevention (DLP) is an important part of this. Many organisations in defense, government, health care, financial services, among others, rely on Clearswift to ensure the best cybersecurity. For web, email as well as endpoints.

Every Clearswift solution is based on a deep content inspection engine for real-time detection, analysis and modification of content. Unique features for sanitation and redaction remove only the elements that create a risk for unwanted data leaks or cyber-attacks; this ensures a free flow of communication without disruptions.

Reasons to choose Clearswift

  • Award-winning customer service, anytime, anywhere
  • Comprehensive system health checks
  • Over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity
  • Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation
  • Independently recognized analysts
  • Free webinars & courses

Clearswift products

Secure Email Gateway

A powerful and flexible email security solution

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Secure Exchange Gateway

Security and control for internal email

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ARgon for Email

Advanced data loss protection for your existing email solution

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Information Governance Server

Unparalleled visibility and protection of data

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Secure Web Gateway

Monitor your web traffic and dat

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Secure ICAP Gateway

Add-on protection for third party web solution

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Endpoint Protection

Check and manage your data in rest and at use

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