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If you want your organisation to stay secure and compliant while you retain full control, you need to protect your data. The right strategy can also help to drive innovation and acquire operational supremacy.

Leading experts in data classification and secure message exchange solutions.

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With our years of experience, our remarkably flexible approach and our unrelenting focus on customers, we can help you to increase your business efficiency and get the best return on your investment.


By combining our best-of-breed data governance solutions with an unparalleled level of customer service, we empower our customers to effectively manage their data, streamline their activities and respond to changing laws and regulations in a proactive way.

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Integration with a wide range of third party systems provides you with maximum flexibility and independence from suppliers – plus the ability to attain maximum performance.

Data: Identify, Label & Protect.

Data classification can be described as a method to assign a visual label to the data your organisation generates, enabling you to make better decision regarding the way that data (both within and outside of the company) should be managed, secured and shared. 

Boldon James Classifier takes this a step further by turning the visual label into meta data, which in turn can enhance your security policies and drive technological innovations like data loss prevention, archiving and IRM solutions.

This results in more streamlined, data security based business processes, less risks and a new and improved security culture within your organisation.

Next-level Data Categorisation

In this day and age, every organisation has to deal with the challenges that come with data governance, data management and big data. With Boldon James Classifier, you can not only identify the context but also the content of data. This expands the reach of standard data classification and provides you with a clearer, holistic view of your organisation’s data.

Security Labelling

In order to ensure that the right people have access to the right information, you need to identify sensitive data. But aside from sensitivity, there are more aspects involved with data classification. To get the most value out of your data and maximize the potential of your data classification efforts, categorisation needs to be combined with security labelling. With Boldon James’ unique tools you have everything you need!

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