Automate 11

A Mix of Strength and Simplicity


Automate 11 automates manual actions and streamlines processes. It replaces batch files, scripts and the development of custom applications. Automate makes it possible to automate IT processes without having to write even one line of code.


Advantages of Automate 11

Automate 11 offers organisations more control over their network and services, improving security and reliability. The "No Code" approach can reduce development costs by up to 50% and any long term maintenance of the code becomes unnecessary. Organisations that use Automate 11 enhance the productivity and potential of their personnel exponentially.

"No Code" Drag-and-Drop Task Development

Automate provides an incredibly easy to use and intuitive interface for the development of automation applications. The building blocks supplied by the developer are called actions. These are simple, easily modified commands which are usually written in English. Using the Drag-and-Drop method, these actions can be combined to create one task. A few examples of these actions are: "Copy File," "Write to File," "Open FTP," "Move Mouse," "Press Enter," etc. This way, a task such as the daily copying of a file, the saving of results or the uploading of the log file can be automated in five minutes. All without any programming experience.


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Automate 11 automates manual tasks and streamlines processes. It replaces batch files, scripts and development of custom applications. Automate enables IT to automate processes without a single line of code to write.

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Automate 11 can

Accelerate Information Streams

Accelerate the stream of information within your company and enable your colleagues to work more efficiently and effectively by providing them with accurate, real-time information.


Facilitate Collaboration in Your Organisation

Improve the collaboration between users who benefit from automated processes and the IT staff who are responsible for facilitating the automation.


Free up Time for You and Your Colleagues

Liberate yourself from time consuming, labour intensive and repetitive tasks. Make it so that you can concentrate on the activities that yield the most valuable results.


Liberate You from Code and Prevent Mistakes

Reduce costs and the problems involved in maintaining code, scripts and batch files. Decrease the time your colleagues have to spend on fixing bugs in the system.


Centralise Resources

Improve security and the control over your IT processes by automating the management of the processes.


Remove Limitations

Increase your potential and remove the limitations associated with continued use of outdated applications.


Automate Professional Services

Although Automate is extremely user friendly, it is possible that you are looking for a second opinion, more resources for building workflows or an audit. Our employees have a lot of experience with Automate and Automate Plus (Former Automate BPA Server, Automate Enterprise) in almost all verticals and can help you along. We advise organizations with 1 to 10,000 employees about their business process automation and IT automation on a daily basis. 


Automate Training

For people who want to make the most of Automate or Automate Plus (Former Automate BPA Server, Automate Enterprise), we offer various online and on-site training sessions. The courses range from one to three days and ensure that you and your colleagues can apply more automation and faster to the processes within your organization. For those who have never worked with the product, a training provides them with the experience that they would otherwise would only have gained after six months.

Below you’ll find an example of the agenda of a Automate Plus (Former Automate BPA Server, Automate Enterprise) course:

  • What is Automate and what can you do with it?
  • Examples of other organizations
  • Which possibilities are available?
  • Set up and best practices
  • Components of the software
  • What are tasks actions and triggers?
  • My First Task
  • Variables and their use
  • Available actions
  • Practice: Web interaction
  • Practice: Excel
  • Practice: Query
  • Automate Plus (Former Automate BPA Server, Automate Enterprise) options, settings and reporting
  • Practice: E-mail
  • Practice: Web services
  • Practical Case

Automate 11 Options

Task builder

The new task builder includes an actions list you can compose yourself, support for multiple documents, a search & replace function and a quick filter for searching for the action you need.



Via OLEDB, it’s possible to connect with practically any SQL database and access and edit the data required.


Roll Out on Multiple Machines

Automate 11 Premium makes it possible for tasks to be rolled out on multiple machines, which makes it cheaper and more beneficial to automate multiple machines.


Active directory

Most tasks in the active directory can be automated. Creating, modifying, renaming, deleting, transferring and searching for objects is child’s play with Automate.



Conditions can be dictated so that certain tasks start automatically once these conditions have been met. Examples of these conditions include: time of day, file size, opening a certain application, etc.


Terminal Emulation

Automate makes it possible to execute tasks on legacy systems without making use of external terminal emulation software.


More than 530 Pre-programmed Actions

A small selection of the 530 actions available: XML, FTP, file management, SQL, email, active directory, WMI, HTTP, PGP and cryptography, DLL access, VB scripts, Excel, GUI automation, terminal emulation, Telnet, SNMP and more.


File Editing

Various kinds of file editing can be automated with Automate. Examples include: copying, transferring, renaming, deleting, etc. The reading and writing to and from other files is also possible.

Microsoft Excel Coupling

Automate works perfectly with Excel. Many Automate users use Excel to enter and export the data that they want Automate to process.


Web Services

Automate internet actions by making use of a web service. Automate is capable of communicating via SOAP.


Window Recognition Technology

Automate can ‘see’ different windows in Windows and make use of elements such as input fields, buttons and menus, which makes it possible to automate a program without needing an API.


POP3, SMTP & Exchange

Access email messages from your POP3 mailbox easily and intelligently, send email via SMTP and work using Exchange.