Integrate all business applications with a single standard solution

Most organizations use complex business systems for tracking and sharing information. Unfortunately, not every system facilitates effective communication with other systems. There is a growing demand for system connectivity, but this often requires a lot of custom development and an extensive integration process.

This is where Harmonizer makes a difference. This unique service enables you to supply all your employees, vendors or clients with the right information, at the right location. Harmonizer retrieves information from system A and displays it in system B. And thanks to the standardized (out-of-the-box) process you are ensured of a (fixed) monthly fee.

Connectors in the cloud

Harmonizer features so-called ‘connectors’ that enable various software packages to communicate with each other. The modular (out-of-the-box) construction makes it possible for Harmonizer to retrieve information, to convert it as desired, and to deliver it to any application. Harmonizer already supports hundreds of applications and new connectors are constantly being developed, whether or not at request of the client.

Harmonizer uses APIs to exchange data with applications. Experience shows that every API is different. There are several standards, such as SOAP, REST, GraphQL, but even within a standard an application has a lot of freedom of choice in how the API is set up. There are also various options for authentication, such as OAuth 2.0, JWT, certificates or a single API key. Because all knowledge about the API of each application is built into Harmonizer, you as a user do not have to delve into the way each API works and your time can be fully used to set up the link.

Even systems without an API can be linked, by using file switching, for example via (S) FTP or WebDAV, in combination with the robotisation of the input of this data into the target system.

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Automating business processes

Business processes may involve multiple IT applications. The sale of a product or service, for example, that starts in a CRM or sales application, will eventually have to be connected to the financial administration. But even the process of recruiting new employees often involves several applications for registration, creating new accounts and granting access. Regardless of the process or system that is used, Harmonizer can automatically enter data in the relevant application based on any signal. This way, manual activities in these processes can be eliminated. This reduces costs as well as the risk of errors.

The right data at the right location

In order to offer the best service to your employees, clients and vendors, the ability to find all the relevant information they need to do their job or make a decision is of vital importance. For example, when you want to provide insight into the latest developments or data regarding prospects, clients or products, to a specific employee within a single environment. The fact that information these days is spread out over dozens of systems, creates a massive search for the user - eventually leading to wasted time and even lost profits. In order to solve this Harmonizer can be utilized to enrich data in systems, so that one always has access to the right data at the right location.

Reliable integration through 24/7 monitoring

Systems and business process are constantly evolving. An integration developed today can be outdated next year, not functioning properly anymore. Harmonizer pro-actively ensures the necessary adjustments of all connectors with systems, and continuously runs diagnostics to assess if anything has changed. Your connections are also checked 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. So if anything goes wrong, Harmonizer’s support team is notified and the problem will be solved immediately.