Information Governance Server

Easily prevent data loss and reputational damage


Information Governance Server at a glance

In this digital era, it is more important than ever to protect your organisation’s intellectual property, sensitive information and classified data from accidental or malicious data leaks.

Clearswift’s Information Governance Server (IGS), which integrates seamlessly with all Clearswift Secure Gateways and ARgon for Email, provides additional features for data loss prevention (DLP) and enables you to detect when specific, previously registered information is in transit.

The Clearswift IGS acts as a well-secured, central repository where document owners can register their files – or more specifically, the information that those files contain. This allows them to protect their intellectual property, designs, private data and other classified and sensitive information from exposure, whether unintentional or malicious, both internally and externally.

Registration of files can be done through simple-to-use web-based interfaces or client application. If registered documents (or even fragments of those documents) are shared over the web or emailed to unauthorized recipients, action can be initiated according to the policy that was set for that specific piece of data. Also, the document owner is immediately notified of the violation.

This way, the Information Governance Server allows your organisation to prevent reputational damage due to data loss.

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The most important advantages of Information Governance Server

User-friendly interface

With Clearswift’s Information Governance Server, users can register sensitive files or specific parts of files through an easy-to-use web interface or Windows client.


Track & trace even altered data

Even if a file is altered (for example when a Word document is converted to a PDF or if a piece of information is copy-pasted into a new document) the IGS is still able to detect the registered information. Based on the applied security policy, the transfer can then be blocked. The right people will receive a notification about the policy violation, so they can take appropriate action.

Various sensitivity levels

Sensitive documents can be registered manually as well as automatically; users can apply Top Secret, Secret, Informational, and/or Unclassified classification levels.


Apply policies in real-time

While the Gateways analyse your file transfers, Clearswift’s Information Governance Server identifies whether or not the files contain sensitive data. Subsequently, the Gateways can apply real-time policies based on content, verification and regulatory requirements, allowing you to remain compliant at all times.

Immediate notification of policy violations

In order to protect your most sensitive data, fingerprints are created to prevent reverse engineering of data to its original format. Registered document owners are informed of any violations.

Comprehensive statistical insight

Dashboards provide clear details on user activity, violations and breaches, making it easy to control and manage incidents. You can also create reports that provide insight into the data that is registered, by whom, where it comes from and where it is going.

Reasons to choose Clearswift Information Governance Server for the protection of your classified and critical data

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Conformity without complexities

Benefit from real-time, automatically applied policies based on the content, verification and regulatory needs of your organisation.

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Detailed data inspection

Because the IGS works with ‘information’ instead of just files or file names, it is able to detect even the smallest fragments of data – and handle these adequately.

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Safeguard your organisation’s reputation

The IGS is able to track millions of pieces of information in order to prevent data leaks, so you can maintain information security and protect the integrity of your business.