Titus Data Classification

Give your data context. Protect what matters. Titus’ Data Classification provides you with full control.

Do your people know how to handle your data?

If you want to protect information, you need to classify it first. Subsequently, you can inform your employees about how data should be secured and handled. Titus offers you all the tools you need to classify, manage and protect your data. Our classification metadata scheme offers the most flexibility and customization options. With the context it provides, you can be sure that both people and systems understand how to handle every piece of data that flows through your organisation.

How secure is your organisation’s data?

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Prevent data leaks and protect crucial information

The data classification tools that Titus provides, enable you to classify a wide range of file types. This helps your organisation to:

  • Create awareness and promote accountability
  • Maintain compliance with policies and regulations
  • Enhance downstream solutions by leveraging metadata
  • Trigger VERA protection automatically based on file classification
  • Support images, PDF’s video’s, work files and ZIP files

Enable people and systems to make informed decisions

Titus provides prompted email classification, meaning that when someone wants to send an email and chooses a classification, they will be asked a couple of followup questions. This ensures that there is a certain level of granularity to the classification. The embedded metadata also ensures that your other security solutions know exactly how to handle each piece of data, eventually leading to a significant increase in the efficiency of your data security ecosystem.

Strengthen security for printed documents

Aside from securing your digital data, Titus also helps to protect printed files. When creating a document containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as names, (email)addresses and phone numbers, the data will automatically be classified as Restricted. Even when the user chooses not to include visual markings in the electronic source document, Titus ensures that all printed copies get watermarked.

Titus Classification - Product Datasheets

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Titus Classification for Microsoft Office

The most effective tool to ensure that every Microsoft Office document is classified before it can be saved, printed, or sent through email.

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Titus Classification for Microsoft Outlook

Classifies and adds visual markings to every email before it is sent.


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Titus Classification for Desktop

Prevent unintentional data loss by allowing users to classify and protect any file in Microsoft Windows Explorer with a few clicks.

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Titus Classification for G Suite

Optimize your security by identifying sensitive information in Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Calendar.

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