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Integrate Data Protection & Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence

Explore revolutionary protection against today's cyberthreats

Your current security tools may not have let you down up until now, but let’s face it: traditional security solutions are simply no match for the threats that organisations are confronted with these days. The wide range of protection tools you have implemented for backups, updates, configuration and keeping out malware may seem adequate enough – until you discover it isn’t, and by then it will already be too late. But there is a more effective approach.

By integrating data protection with cybersecurity, Cyber Security Suite introduces a ground breaking approach to deal with complex modern challenges. Not only does our integrated method offer a more solid and effective protection against cyber threats, it also saves your organisation a lot of time and money.

With a unique integration of various security technologies, extensive endpoint management options and the best protection against malware, Cyber Security Suite enables you to tackle even the most advanced cyberattacks. At the same time, it simplifies your daily activities regarding IT, endpoint management and reporting. And the best part of it all: you can manage all cybersecurity-related aspects from a single screen.

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Cybersecurity Lead

Endpoint protection

Manage endpoint protection

Execute thorough vulnerability assessments and stay on top of hard disk health as well as remote desktop applications.


Protection against malware

Our anti malware solution utilizes next-generation Artificial Intelligence and also includes scanning of automated backups and URL filtering options.

Backup and Recovery

Backups and recovery

Should an incident occur, then you’ll benefit from quick and solid recovery of all of your systems and data – regardless of the type or number of compromised devices.

Simplified protection

Eliminate costs

Protection, but better

Eliminate complexities with one single tool, as well as:

  • One license
  • One agent
  • One management console
  • One line for vendor support
  • One source of shared information about system protection

Maximize efficiency by ensuring the resources that you already have offer better protection. This means:

  • More streamlined management
  • No other hardware purchases required
  • No extra IT personnel
  • No training necessary
  • No need to manage multiple vendors

Close off any remaining gaps in your protection with a single solution that is guaranteed to be:

  • Proactive: Remove malware from backups, check hard drive health, manage patches & assess vulnerabilities
  • Active: Protect data continuously & defend against malware in real time
  • Reactive: Create forensic backups and integrate with your existing security tools




  • Manage all aspects of cybersecurity with ease – all via a single screen
  • Eradicate issues with compatibility and performance
  • Identify and fix issues, rapidly and fluently
  • Eliminate the costs associated with having to manage multiple vendors
  • Increase your organisation’s productivity
  • Reduce the amount of time spend on administration
  • Cut back on expenses that you don’t really need
  • Easily manage all aspects of cybersecurity
  • Lower the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Prevent costly downtime, proactively
  • Ensure your systems remain operational at all times
  • Enable rapid response to any incidents
  • Fend off ransomware before the attack can happen
  • Provide your employees with a safe working environment
  • Create trust among your customers

Cyber Security Suite Features






Auto-discovery of new devices

Remote agent installation

Defenses against malware and exploits

Patch management integrated with backup

Backup and disaster recovery

Vulnerability assessments

Backup and disaster recovery

Hard drive health control

Malware quarantine

Forensic information in backups

Data protection map

Unified protection policies management

Dashboards and reports

Rescue with bootable media

Remote desktop

Grouping according to NIST Cybersecurity Framework guidelines

Cutting-edge scenarios for data protection

By integrating data protection with cybersecurity, Cyber Security Suite provides your organisation with an unparalleled level of protection.

Ensure uninterrupted protection of data

Every single piece of data is fully protected, in all important applications

Monitor protection status

Maps for data protection include options for classification, reporting, and unstructured data analytics

Make updates fool proof

Endpoints are automatically backed up before any patches are installed so that instant roll-backs are possible

Recover endpoints safely

Anti-malware updates and patches can be into the recovery process

Benefit from more security with fewer resources

Execute more aggressive scans and vulnerability assessments within any storage solution

Protect smarter

Automatically adjust patches, scans and backups

Include digital evidence

Forensic backups contain digital evidence to facilitate simplified investigations

Whitelist locally and globally

Easily prevent false alarms