Secure Email Gateway

A solid email solution for protection, security and compliance


Secure Email Gateway at a glance

For most organisations, email is the primary method of communication. Unfortunately, this also makes it a very attractive source for cybercriminals to infiltrate your corporate systems and gain possession of your critical and sensitive data. In order to protect your email data against cyber-attacks and data loss, we are proud to present Clearswift Secure Email Gateway (SEG), a robust solution specifically designed to enhance your organisations’ email security.

ClearswiftSecure Email Gateway protects against known and unknown malware, as well as advanced threats like phishing. It can be used as a standalone solution, but integration with existing cloud-based applications (like Office 365 and G Suite) is also possible.

Clearswift helps to ensure that all the data shared across email (both in and out of the organisation) is appropriate, secure and compliant. Comprehensive, real-time policy controls guarantee maximum security without any disruptions to your communications and business activities.

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The most important advantages of Secure Email Gateway

Protect crucial data

Our Secure Email Gateway checks messages based on email content and organisational policies, which can be set for individual users, specified groups of users, or the entire organisation. The body of the email, its subject line and its attachments are all scanned for critical data. When detected, an appropriate security treatment can be applied. This protects your organisation from accidental data loss and reputational and financial damage.

Automatic encryption of sensitive data

Regulations like the GDPR and HITECH require the encryption of sensitive data that is being send by email. Secure Email Gateway supports multiple encryption options and provides the flexibility required to provide recipients with the best possible format.


Three effective anti-virus engines

Choose from three Cloud-assisted anti-virus engines with bi-directional scanning features to stop known and unknown malware infections. In addition, the ability to remove suspicious scripts, code snippets and URLs helps you to protect your organisation against phishing, spyware, ransomware and other targeted attacks.


An accessible user interface

A powerful, yet user-friendly interface simplifies management tasks by providing role-based access control, active directory verification, automation and re-use of policies, as well as trend and behavioural reporting features.


Complete insight in data being shared

Clearswift Secure Email Gateway utilizes a deep content inspection engine to fully disassemble communication streams in real time. This solution, which is not limited by file sizes, encryption or embedded document layers, provides comprehensive insight in the critical data that is being shared within and outside your organisation.


Maintain compliance with ease

With out-of-the-box policies for regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and SOX, it is easier than ever to maintain compliance. A custom dictionary and over 200 pre-configured tokens supports organisations that need to conform to PCI or PII standards.


Top security without disruptions

Meta data, old revisions, properties and other ‘forgotten’ content can be blocked or removed to prevent exposure from your sensitive data, without disrupting the communication flow. Clearswift’s adaptive reaction technology provides real-time content modification to facilitate secure email communication at all times.


Powerful anti-spam features

Clearswift’s Secure Email Gateway provides solid, layered anti-spam defenses that prevent spam from reaching the inboxes of end users. Easily monitor, register and eliminate spam with additional support for DMARC, SPF, and DKIM and an Outlook Spam Reporter.


Reasons to choose Clearswift Secure Email Gateway

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Significant risk reduction

Ensure compliance of laws and regulations by blocking, encrypting or removing critical data

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Maximum control

100% visibility of critical data in emails entering or leaving your organisation

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Maintain consistency

Minimize disruptions to communication with employees, customers, and business partners