ARgon Adaptive Redaction for Email

Easily add effective data loss prevention features to your existing gateways with this security add-on


Overview of ARgon Adaptive Redaction for Email

Protecting your organisation against digital threats is now more important than ever. Especially since threats coming from inbound and outbound email are easy to miss. With ARgon for Email by Clearswift, you can easily integrate data loss prevention (DLP) features to your current security infrastructure.

ARgon for Email is an add-on, which means it works on top of your existing systems. Deployment only takes a couple of minutes. Once activated, Argon for Email provides effective sanitation and redaction features, which enable you to automatically remove any elements that may cause potential data breaches. This creates a sense of comfort, knowing that sensitive data being shared through email is safe and protected. It also reduces the burden on your IT department and ensures compliance with regulations in your industry. All without any disruptions to communications within your organisation.

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The most important advantages of ARgon for Email

Quick & easy integration

Many organisations are hesitant when it comes to updating security solutions, because it is often very time-consuming. Integrating ARgon for Email, however, only takes a couple of minutes. A clear installation wizard will guide you through the installation process. This enables your organisation to reduce costs and ensure compliance as soon as possible.

Mail server independent

ARgon for Email provides support for Exchange, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, SMTP, and POP. This means you can respect the email security solution your customers have chosen and avoid disruptions to the operating environment – while ensuring the best possible DLP features.


No need to replace your current security software

ARgon is a ‘service agnostic’ data loss prevention (DLP) solution. In other words: it is developed to provide a seamless integration with a wide range of security solutions by Microsoft, Symantex, Sophos, Cisco and many others. There is no need to rip and replace: it simply works on top of your existing security infrastructure.


Checks even the most complex document construction

ARgon was designed to inspect on a deep level. It deliberately searches for hidden, unintentional and misplaced content. It is also able to detect suspicious content in the most complex document constructions, such as embedded Excel objects nested inside a Word document.


Even checks forgotten content

Email often contains ‘forgotten content’, such as meta data, old revisions, attachments and properties. Clearswift ARgon for Email provides unique adaptive technology, which enables you to automatically block or remove any hidden or unchecked sensitive data. Without disrupting the flow or communication.


Unrivalled high performance

ARgon is capable of processing thousands of messages per hour, even on a regular server. This makes it an excellent security add-on, providing comprehensive protection for even the biggest organisations.


Reasons to choose Clearswift to boost your email security

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Maximize your existing email security

Simply add ARgon’s data loss prevention features to your current solution.

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Ultimate flexibility

In-built flexibility makes policy administration easier than you could ever imagine.

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Protection from both ends

Inbound and outbound email security ensures you never miss anything.