Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Make sure that your crucial information at endpoints is fully protected

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention at a glance

Clearswift Endpoint Data Loss Protection (DLP) is a lightweight solution that works ‘behind the scenes’. But don’t let that fool you: it can be an essential element of your IT security strategy. It is the perfect way to detect, inspect and secure any crucial company data on endpoints.

By providing context-aware Data in Use (DIU) policies, Clearswift Endpoint DLP enables you regulate which devices can connect to your corporate network, and what data can be transferred. It is also possible to execute Data at Rest (DAR) scans on files residing on the network or in the Cloud.

Clearswift Endpoint Data Loss Protection makes it easier than ever to enforce security policies, maintain compliant and ensure continuity – even when users are not connected to your corporate network.

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The most important advantages of Endpoint Data Loss Prevention by Clearswift

Protect your sensitive data

By applying specific rules, you can either automatically encrypt documents with crucial data before they are copied, shared or uploaded, or dynamically remove the critical elements of those documents before they are transferred.

Identify potential vulnerabilities

Endpoint Data Loss Protection provides customizable, integrated lexical expressions, enabling easy identification of crucial data residing on your servers or in the Cloud. When this data is discovered, it can be placed in quarantine or moved to a secure location.

Maintain full access control

You decide which removable media devices can connect to your network. Thanks to Active Directory integration, the appropriate read/write permissions can be applied to individual users, specific groups of users or the entire organisation.

Ensure compliance at all times

Clearswift Endpoint DLP provides ready-to-use policies for regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. This makes it very easy for your organisation to ensure and maintain full compliance and consistency at all times.

Prevent accidental data loss

Every time a user tries to copy, share or upload files that contain crucial or sensitive information, they receive a notification to alert them to the risks. This helps to prevent accidental data loss and significantly increase your data security.

Reduce the threat of shadow IT

To minimize the use of IT systems, devices and software without explicit approval from the IT department, also known as ‘shadow IT’, Clearswift Endpoint DLP provides monitoring of synchronization folders. This way, you can be certain that no crucial data is stored outside your organisation.

Reasons to choose Clearswift for Endpoint protection

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Complete transparency

Maintain full visibility and control of crucial data residing on your corporate network – at all times.

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Maximum flexibility

Critical data can be blocked, encrypted or removed to mitigate risks and preserve compliance.

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Unparalleled scalability

Manage thousands of endpoints through a single, easy-to-use interface.