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Protect your valuable data in the most flexible way possible

Secure your data through encryption

Encryption adds an extra layer of protection to the security of your most sensitive data. Encryption technologies are therefore considered a valuable addition to any data protection ecosystem.

However, that extra layer of security comes with a price; it can become quite frustrating when you want to share your encrypted files with others, either within or outside of your organisation.

When people are unable to read or even open the files, this can interrupt workflows, causing crucial delay in business processes. In some cases, employees feel forced to find workarounds and bypass security measures just to do their job.

How secure is your organisation’s data?

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Common challenges with data encryption

  • Over-protection: A ‘better safe than sorry’ mindset often brings end users to overclassify pieces of information, clogging up the flow of data.
  • Creationof back doors: A lot of encryption solutions require storage of encryption keys in the vendor-managed cloud. Despite their best efforts to secure those keys, it still creates a potential back door to your encrypted data.
  • Inconvenience: Data encryption solutions are often hard to use. Insufficient usability and hindered productivity may create reluctance among users.
  • Externalrecourse:In most cases, poor usability also means there are little or no (easy) options to revoke access rights. This can cause serious problems when users are no longer authorized to access the data.
  • Limited integration: Closed ecosystems mean there are hardly any options to connect to other security solutions, such ads DLPs and CASBs.

The best of both worlds: data classification & encryption in one solution

By combining data classification and encryption into a single solution, Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru enables secure collaboration the way it should be. It works just like users do: across multiple platforms and various devices. At the office, in the cloud and within hybrid environments.

Organisations can benefit from significant business value when choosing Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru. They will be able to:

  • Protect sensitive data in any file or emails by applying policies that always travel with the data. No matter where, how, or where it is shared.
  • Implement access controls so that files and emails in the cloud can be identified and protected according to the relevant compliance standards.
  • Expand their data protection ecosystem by simply connecting other solutions within their organisation to Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru.

Features & advantages

Our solution enhances your current data protection strategy by adding a wide range of benefits and features, such as:

Next-level accuracy

By utilizing Machine Learning, Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru only gets better over time. It quickly learns how to identify data to more accurately, make suggestions for classification levels, and enforce policies.

Insight in data access

Maintain compliance by creating dashboards where you can track users and see who has access to your data. Both inside and outside of the organisation.

Flexible encryption keys

In order to ensure that our solution fits the specific needs of your organisation, you decide where you want to store your encryption keys; on premise or in the cloud.

Easy integration

Our solution empowers you to create an effective and user-friendly data protection ecosystem by enabling seamless integration with DLPs and CASBs.

Full control

Grant specific access to users and user groups with clear, policy-based conditions. You can modify and/or revoke access rights at any given time, to make certain that information will never fall into the wrong hands.

The ultimate balance between ease-of-use and security

Many data protection solutions struggle to bridge the gap between optimum security and an unrestricted user experience.

With Titus Encryption Powered by Virtru, you get the most out of your data protection programs and employee approval instead or reluctance, as well as a better ROI.