Accolm BAM - Business Activity Monitor for MFT



Not all Managed File Transfer (MTF) solutions are created equally. Do you want advanced analytics, visibility and notifications about important MFT activities? Then you should definitely consider Accolm BAM, the best Business Activity Monitor for MTF.

What is Accolm BAM?

Accolm BAM is the perfect addition to your MFT platform. It is a user-friendly, web based application, specifically designed for monitoring all business activities related to Managed File Transfer (MTF) products. A great solution for corporate as well as technical users.

With Accolm BAM, you are no longer dependent on administrators and customer service employees for acquiring information about your file transfers. You can search specific file transfers, check their status and receive notifications when expected files are not delivered on time. This will also help you to meet your Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Accolm BAM is compatible with Globalscape EFT and Fortra (former HelpSystems) GoAnywhere.

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How can I benefit from Accolm BAM?

Save time and money by providing options for self-service

By allowing your end users to track the file transfers that are relevant to them, you can cut back on costs and save a lot of time.


Meet SLAs by significantly reducing response times

You can easily track all your crucial Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and receive notifications about meeting or failing them.


Stay on top of all your important business transfers

With Accolm BAM you can check the status of important business transfers, which enables you to be proactive when any issues arise. 


Gain insight in the ways your MTF server is being used

Use Accolm BAM to discover which partners or internal systems and applications are using your MTF server the most. 


Reduce administration and support related costs

By enabling end users to track file transfers, they don’t have to call for support. This frees up valuable time for administration and customer service employees.


Increase visibility of business processes on your MTF server

Accolm BAM facilitated end-to-end monitoring of all business processes executed on your MTF server.


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FeaturesBAM StandardBAM Enterprise
MFT Server - Globalscape EFT Server
MFT Server - Fortra (former HelpSystems) GoAnywhere MFT
MFT Server - Progress MOVEit MFT
MFT Server - Coviant Diplomat MFT
Multiple Environment Support - Same MFT Server Vendor
Multiple Environment Support - Different MFT Server Vendor
Real-time Activity Monitoring
Fine grained Access Control
Authentication - Active Directory
Authentication - Accolm BAM Authentication
Subscriptions - File Transfer
Subscriptions - Business Process
Subscriptions - SLA
Business Process Monitoring
Notifications - In BAM and Email
Dashboard - Organization
Dashboard - Personalization
Dashboard - My Dashboard
Dashboard - Environment
Dashboard - Business Units
Dashboard - Create Custom Dashboard
Business Units
Service Level Agreements (SLA)