Our partners

Barracuda Networks

Securing your data and your network is becoming more and more important. In order to limit costs for this security, we have been working with Barracuda Networks since 2010.

Barracuda Networks is the global leader in email and internet security. In the last few years, they have started offering highly advanced backup solutions for on- and offline backup.


As a client, you expect your IT setup to function quickly and reliably without costing the earth. As an official Dell partner, we can provide you with hardware that meets all of these criteria.

Dell is one of the world’s biggest hardware suppliers and operates at all levels of the market. Whether you are looking for a great laptop, a fast workstation or a super reliable server, Dell can deliver. These are just some of the reasons we have been working with this renowned hardware supplier for over five years.

80s Interactive

80s Interactive is specialised in the content-management system TYPO3. This is an extensive, flexible and versatile system that enables you as end user to get the most out of your (company)website.

Mouritz Legal

Mouritz Legal is a leading law firm specialized in IT law and data protection. Mouritz Legal and Korper ICT work together to develop appropriate business solutions, such as efficient GDPR compliance and cloud sourcing.


Document Dialog

Document Dialog is a solution provider within the field of document sensitive processes. Korper ICT and Document Dialog work with clients who use Pitney Bowes solutions in combination with Automate Enterprise.


JWeiland is a hosting specialist dealing with Typo3 hosting. In addition to knowing their way around super fast Typo3 servers, the staff at JWeiland are experts in installing, configuring and using the Typo3 CMS.

Korper ICT uses JWeiland as the hosting company for larger Typo3 clients.


GlobalScape is the largest provider of software used for secure (encrypted) file transfers for companies.


As a well known IT organisation, we couldn’t skip Microsoft in listing the companies we work with. Korper ICT has years of experience with practically all the Microsoft products used by the SME sector.

Microsoft is the world’s largest software company. Ninety percent of the computers across the globe run Microsoft Windows and the Office package is the standard software used in business globally.

Fortra (former Helpsystems)

Fortra (former Helpsystems) is a relatively unknown player in the Netherlands, but nevertheless, it is the world’s largest supplier of automation software. Fortra (former Helpsystems)’ products enable us to quickly and easily automate all sorts of repetitive actions.

Korper ICT likes to provide its clients with practical solutions. However, there is seldom room in the budget for custom programs, which is why we prefer using Fortra (former Helpsystems) products.


For most of Korper ICT’s clients, Symantec products provide security for servers and workstations. Symantec’s antivirus and firewall products have proven very reliable in the ten years that we have been using them.

Symantec’s aim is to provide solutions for security, storage and system management in order to help businesses and consumers to manage and secure their information.


Every day, thousands of users discover that the quality of TransIP’s products is unsurpassed. TransIP is completely independent and scores above average in accessibility and security. Thanks to completely automated processes, you can quickly and easily register your domain name and be online in no time.

Ever since starting out, Korper ICT has been happy to do business with such a reliable hosting partner.


In the land of automation, UnitedIT is a household name. Specialists are on call 24x7 if needed. UnitedIT’s areas of expertise are diverse and include managed services, NAS backup services, executive programs and managed security.

UnitedIT supports Korper ICT in the execution of big IT migrations which involve more than 20 workplaces and 2 servers. The staff at UnitedIT have a lot of experience and expertise with Windows Server, Exchange and Active Directory setups.


Korper ICT feels that the virtualisation of IT is the way of the future. Virtualisation means that your hardware can be used more efficiently, saving money and simplifying the management of your IT setup. Korper ICT can provide you with a custom designed solution.

VMware is the global leader when it comes to virtualisation solutions—from desktop to data centre. Clients of all sizes rely on VMware in order to reduce operating costs, guarantee business continuity, improve security and save the environment.


Quatrix by Maytech offers simple and secure file transfers between users, as well as secure automated data transfers with fully managed enterprise security and regulatory compliance. 

Easy to set up, a modern, cloud native product provides a cost effective way of replacing legacy MFT systems at a fraction of the cost.

Maytech also offers professional services for migrating to and administering their SaaS software, taking the entire burden away from any customers who require a completely hands off solution.

Want to Become a Partner?

Together with our partners, we strive to provide a broad range of ICT services for our clients. If you have a company or service that should absolutely be included in our list of partners, please contact us to discuss partnership options.