Mobile Filter

Empower your mobile users with the most effective solution to protect sensitive data

In our present day society, it is hard to imagine we used to live our lives without smartphones. We have mobile devices to communicate with others, surf the internet, handle our finances, plan our days and so much more. We also use them for business purposes; employees either get a company device or use their personal smartphone under a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. This does not come without any risk, however. There are corporate emails that are simply not appropriate for storage on mobile devices. In order to prevent synchronisation of sensitive corporate emails on mobile devices, we’d like to introduce you to our Mobile Filter, which integrates with Boldon James Classifier and SAFEmail solutions.

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Control access to sensitive corporate emails on mobile devices

Prevent exposure of sensitive calendar items and appointments on mobile

Increase user awareness of the risks regarding sensitive data exposure in public places

Enhance security by preventing data loss through mobile use

Allow a Bring Your Own Device policy while making sure sensitive emails remain protected

Corporate use of smartphone offers a wide range of benefits. It helps to improve workforce mobility, increase efficiency and reduce costs. However, not all emails should be available on a mobile platform. After all, you don’t want your employees to read confidential emails in public, or store them on a device that could get stolen or lost. The lack of control you have over your users’ mobile devices (which is even greater when your company has a BYOD policy) can be cause of worry. Luckily, there is a great solution for you to reap all the benefits of mobile use without the risks: a mobile filter.

A mobile filter is in fact a form of data classification; it is able to automatically detect any sensitive emails that are not appropriate for mobile viewing. It then prevents these sensitive emails from being synchronised, which means they are not available on mobile platforms. That sounds good, right? But what makes a good mobile filter? First of all, you need a mobile data classification tool that supports a wide range of mobile devices – after all, you need a mobile filter of every mobile user, including the ones with, for example, a less commonplace brand or type of smartphone. Secondly, you need to be able to set custom keywords for message filtering, which the programme can use to detect sensitive emails. Your users also need to be notified each time a message can’t be downloaded on their smartphone. Finally, the solution should be easy to implement.

Boldon James’ Mobile Filter ticks off all these boxes, but offers a lot more. It is remarkably effective in intercepting sensitive messages and preventing synchronisation on mobile, which is a crucial part of your overall security measures. With more than 30 years of experience and excellent customer reviews, you can rest assured that our service provides the best mobile filter for your business.

Classifier Foundation Suite

Includes everything you need to get started

Our Classifier Foundation Suite offers your organisation the necessary tools to benefit from Classification, such as Classifier for Email, Office and more.

Furthermore, your System Administrator will be provided with everything they need for setting up classification rules and policies, and classifying data at rest

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As data protection experts, we enable our customers to take control of their business data and create more secure, effective and streamlined business operations. Boldon James provides you with the best solutions to reduce risks and protect your business critical information. And with an unrivalled customer service, you can rest assured that you always have someone looking out for you. No wonder that some of the most successful organisations rely on our expertise!


We reduce risks, improve data control and protect what’s important for your business.

Optimize your organisations’ performance by streamlining business processes.

Our solutions integrate with virtually any data security and governance ecosystem.

Create peace of mind by always having a safe pair of hands to fall back on.