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Automate 11

Automate 11 automates manual actions and streamlines processes. It replaces batch files, scripts and the development of custom applications. Automate makes it possible to automate IT processes without having to write even one line of code.

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GlobalScape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT)

GlobalScape EFT is a software application that allows file transfers to take place in a secure environment.

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Accolm BAM - Business Activity Monitor for MFT

Not all Managed File Transfer (MTF) solutions are created equally. Do you want advanced analytics, visibility and notifications about important MFT activities? Then you should definitely consider Accolm BAM, the best Business Activity Monitor for MTF.

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Most organizations use complex business systems for tracking and sharing information. Unfortunately, not every system facilitates effective communication with other systems. There is a growing demand for system connectivity, but this often requires a lot of custom development and an extensive integration process.

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Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. And it should be, because every day many organisations become victims of inbound cyber-attacks and outbound data loss. Clearswift data security products offer complete and consistent protection of web, email and endpoints. This allows safe and efficient collaboration between teams, while providing full visibility and control of crucial and sensitive company data.

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Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document processing (IDP) utilizes Unassisted Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to extract data from any file that enters your organisation, and subsequently makes that data usable throughout your company. Tedious manual processes are streamlined and time consuming tasks such as manual data entry, file classification and document analysis are virtually eliminated.

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Sensitive data (such as card information) needs to be protected at all times. In transit as well as at rest. In order to protect your files, GoAnywhere MFT uses industry standard protocols to secure files like SFTP, FTPS, OpenPGP, AS2, HTTPS, and PeSIT – regardless of where these files are located.

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