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Automate 11

Automate 11 automates manual actions and streamlines processes. It replaces batch files, scripts and the development of custom applications. Automate makes it possible to automate IT processes without having to write even one line of code.



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GlobalScape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT)

GlobalScape EFT is a software application that allows file transfers to take place in a secure environment.


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Your organization generates large amounts of data on a daily basis. These data, in the form of files, must occasionally or regularly be sent from A to B. This seems to be a simple process, but when it influences critical processes for the business or concerns sensitive data it is extremely important that this happens very precise and in a reliable way. Korper ICT is specialized in this area, which is also known as Managed File Transfer or MFT.


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GDPR Compliance

Korper ICT applies a unique format when it comes to making companies GDPR compliant. Our To The Point Compliance format (“TTPC”) is geared towards companies who need to comply with the obligations imposed by the GDPR, but who do not actively engage with customers.


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