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Automate 11

Automate 11 automates manual tasks and streamlines processes. It replaces batch files, scripts and the development of custom applications. Automate enables you to automate processes without writing even a single line of code.

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A service which allows all employees, suppliers or clients to be provided with the right information at the right location. Harmonizer extracts data from system A and displays it in system B.

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Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) utilizes Unassisted Machine Learning and artificial intelligence to extract data from all file types as soon as they enter your organisation – and makes this data usable within your company. IDP streamlines manual processes and eliminates costly steps such as document classification, manual data entry and document analysis.

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Power Automate

Power Automate automates manual and repetitive processes like opening web pages, filling out Excel files or drafting invoices. It is a simple service that can be used to combine Cloud services, desktop applications and legacy systems.

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