Mac Classifier

Classify files within Microsoft Office For Mac Suite


Does your organisation work with Mac? Then you’re probably also using Microsoft Office for Mac applications. Boldon James Mac Classifier is the perfect solution to benefit from user-centric data classification; it empowers your users to correctly classify documents and emails, quick and easy.

The thing that makes Mac Classifier so unique is the way that it incorporates classification across all Microsoft Office for Mac applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Mac Classifier enables you to set up custom classification schemes based industry regulations and/or your organisations’ data protection policies. Emails and documents all receive visual markings, so that employees gain more awareness of their responsibilities relating to safeguarding data. At the same time, metadata markings can be used to enhance your existing security and information management solutions.

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Specifically designed for Microsoft Office for Mac Suite

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office for Mac Suite provides your users with an intuitive way to easily classify documents and emails.

Classification options, configured for your business

Mac Classifiers’ extensive configuration options give you the power to determine how data must be classified, how much input users should have in the classification process, and how each classified document must be treated and protected. This makes it a breeze to overcome any data security challenges you might be confronted with.

Create more user awareness of the value of data

The best way to increase awareness of the value of your data, is by involving your employees in the classification process. This way, Mac Classifier also helps to maintain a more consistent application of company policies related to data security.

Full control over unstructured data

Unstructured data is very difficult to protect. By using Mac Classifier to classify this unstructured data, it is significantly easier to store, retrieve and secure your most important files.

Ensure full compliance

With Mac Classifier, you can set up a thorough classification system and prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Any policy violations are flagged immediately, which helps your organisation to maintain compliance with rules and regulations.

Improved ROI for your current data protection solutions

Mac Classifier helps to create more reliable and systematic data protection policies and improves your return on investment from other data protection solutions.

Classifier Foundation Suite

Includes everything you need to get started

Our Classifier Foundation Suite offers your organisation the necessary tools to benefit from Classification, such as Classifier for Email, Office and more.

Furthermore, your System Administrator will be provided with everything they need for setting up classification rules and policies, and classifying data at rest

What are the benefits of Boldon James?

As data protection experts, we enable our customers to take control of their business data and create more secure, effective and streamlined business operations. Boldon James provides you with the best solutions to reduce risks and protect your business critical information. And with an unrivalled customer service, you can rest assured that you always have someone looking out for you. No wonder that some of the most successful organisations rely on our expertise!


We reduce risks, improve data control and protect what’s important for your business.

Optimize your organisations’ performance by streamlining business processes.

Our solutions integrate with virtually any data security and governance ecosystem.

Create peace of mind by always having a safe pair of hands to fall back on.