Classifier Reporting

Verify user behaviour & demonstrate compliance with advanced classification reporting

Boldon James’ Classifier Reporting System is a sophisticated reporting infrastructure combined with a fully featured reporting tool.

Classifier Reporting enables you to monitor classification events and report on how classified data is handled. This way you can trust but verify the behaviour of your users – which is very important now that data security is becoming more and more people-focused.

Classifier Reporting provides crucial knowledge to management and compliance teams and makes it possible to do a more thorough analysis of user behaviour. Furthermore, it offers integration with a wide range of analysis tools, such as SIEM, Business Intelligence and advanced predictive analytics. This gives you more insight than ever before and enables you to make better, more well-informed decisions about security strategies.

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Cybersecurity Lead

Show your compliance and governance teams the value of classification

Demonstrate the value of classification with useful dashboard views and comprehensive reports, which you can customize so that they reflect your organisations’ policy and needs.

Use a comprehensive audit database to highlight compliance

Classifier Reporting creates a structured audit database by utilizing rich activity data. Combined with powerful analytics tools, this enables quick status and trend assessments as well as the possibility to dive deeper and get more granular info to the surface.

Get more insight in the behaviour of your users

Drilling down into underlying data helps to reveal unusual user behaviour and address it accordingly. You can also utilize timeline analysis to underline specific behavioural patterns, as well as identify potential insider threats.

Easily integrate your reporting with other tools

The core of the Classifier Reporting System is an audit database, which allows you easily integrate structured data into other analysis tools, like SIEM and predictive analytics engines.

Classifier Foundation Suite

Includes everything you need to get started

Our Classifier Foundation Suite offers your organisation the necessary tools to benefit from Classification, such as Classifier for Email, Office and more.

Furthermore, your System Administrator will be provided with everything they need for setting up classification rules and policies, and classifying data at rest

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