CAD Classifier

Classify designs created with your preferred CAD solutions

Organisations that focus on engineering and construction frequently store a substantial amount of intellectual property assets, such as design documents, blueprints and drawings made with CAD application. In our present day environment, where we often collaborate with multiple third parties, it can be quite a challenge to manage and control those assents.

Therefore, Boldon James would like to introduce you to CAD Classifier, a range of products specifically designed to apply data classifications to design documents created with CAD applications.

CAD Classifier for AutoCAD allows Autodesk® AutoCAD® users to apply relevant visual markings and metadata labels to their documents, using the same familiar interface as all other Classifier products.

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Cybersecurity Lead

Prevent unintended data leaks by automating rules and warnings

Apply consistent policies across all file types and application by combining CAD Classifier with other Classifier solutions

Use quick and easy classification within CAD software to attain ISO27001

Get a positive ROI by making DLP, encryption and other data protection solutions more accurate

Classifier Foundation Suite

Includes everything you need to get started

Our Classifier Foundation Suite offers your organisation the necessary tools to benefit from Classification, such as Classifier for Email, Office and more.

Furthermore, your System Administrator will be provided with everything they need for setting up classification rules and policies, and classifying data at rest

What are the benefits of Boldon James?

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We reduce risks, improve data control and protect what’s important for your business.

Optimize your organisations’ performance by streamlining business processes.

Our solutions integrate with virtually any data security and governance ecosystem.

Create peace of mind by always having a safe pair of hands to fall back on.