Mobile Classifier

Prevent data leaks and inappropriate email use & protect your mobile workforce

Now working from home and on the go is gradually becoming the new normal, separating business data from personal data can prove to be quite a challenge. Therefore, we would like to introduce Mobile Classifier. This Android and iOS compatible solution supports full classification across a wide range of mobile devices, enabling you to increase mobile productivity without having to worry about potential risks.

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Cybersecurity Lead

Helps to increase security awareness of your mobile workforce

Enforces policies at the point of sending, not afterwards.

Compatibility with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions

Improves the effectiveness of third-party data security & management solutions

Classifier Foundation Suite

Includes everything you need to get started

Our Classifier Foundation Suite offers your organisation the necessary tools to benefit from Classification, such as Classifier for Email, Office and more.

Furthermore, your System Administrator will be provided with everything they need for setting up classification rules and policies, and classifying data at rest

What are the benefits of Boldon James?

As data protection experts, we enable our customers to take control of their business data and create more secure, effective and streamlined business operations. Boldon James provides you with the best solutions to reduce risks and protect your business critical information. And with an unrivalled customer service, you can rest assured that you always have someone looking out for you. No wonder that some of the most successful organisations rely on our expertise!


We reduce risks, improve data control and protect what’s important for your business.

Optimize your organisations’ performance by streamlining business processes.

Our solutions integrate with virtually any data security and governance ecosystem.

Create peace of mind by always having a safe pair of hands to fall back on.