How do we provide the best support? By not having a support team.

We do everything we can to resolve a malfunction as well and as quickly as possible. We all feel responsible for that.

That may seem strange for an IT company. Because support is one of the most important things an IT partner can deliver. So instead of assigning support tasks to a single department, we all take on the responsibility of helping our clients as good and as fast as possible.

Everyone knows how it goes: you’re confronted with a glitch, so you call for support. Usually, the person that answers your call will only make a record of your issue. You’re put on hold or patched through multiple times. Your malfunction is registered and you have to wait. It can sometimes take hours or even days before your problem is fixed.

A consultant on the phone

Nobody likes waiting or being patched through. Neither do we. We feel that support is something one shouldn’t just delegate to anyone. We’re all responsible. So we don’t have a support team. If you experience any failures, your phone call will be answered by one of our consultants immediately. Aside from the fact that they have years of experience, they also know all of our clients personally. They know how the systems are set up and what it takes to help as quickly as possible.

Active support

We recently had a client who had a problem with sending extremely sensitive data. The expert that could help him, was on the ski slopes when he got the call. He stopped immediately and got to work for this client. Within an hour, we had the problem under control. This is how important support is to us. Our clients know that. Aside from solving problems quickly – sometimes within the hour – we also monitor our clients’ systems if desired, or the systems monitor themselves. Sometimes we’ve already dealt with a disturbance even before the client notices it.

Korper ICT has several support contracts:

1. On Call; at a predetermined hourly rate, if the client needs us.

2. Local support; we act within 4 hours and fix the problem and/or communicate with the helpdesk departments of vendors in America, for a fixed annual fee.

3. Fully managed; we completely relieve our clients by managing everything; design, development and maintenance; for a fixed annual fee.  

One thing applies to all contracts: we do everything we can to solve a problem as good and as quickly as possible. We all feel responsible for the services we provide. This is why we don’t have a support team; we all provide support.

Would you like to know more about our support contracts or about automation and RPA? Feel free to contact us.