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Robert Scheer, Senior Security Specialist at Korper ICT, kicks off the cybersecurity department!

On Monday, March 6, 2023, Robert Scheer started as Senior Security Specialist at Korper ICT. With this appointment, Korper takes the next step in becoming the cybersecurity expert of the Netherlands and he becomes the face of this department that focuses entirely on cybersecurity.

Background of Robert Scheer

Robert Scheer has worked for many years at XS4ALL Internet, where he has developed both breadth and depth. By steadily working his way up within the organization, he has gained the experience to look at a question or issue from all possible angles. His technical expertise, combined with his customer-focused approach and CISSP certification, makes Robert the best person to bring Korper ICT to maturity in this field.

In addition to shaping security for businesses, Robert will also be involved in providing cybersecurity training. Many hacks are still successful due to the actions of unsuspecting victims. Clicking on phishing emails, inserting unknown USB sticks into a PC, or making contact with the cloud in an unauthorized way are examples of how human behavior can endanger business operations

Neosecurity: Fully protected against cyber threats

The cybersecurity division of Korper ICT that focuses exclusively on cybersecurity. While Korper has grown by efficiently and effectively setting up IT for customers, cybersecurity is a topic that requires its own focus. Cybercriminals are becoming smarter, so continuous monitoring and improvement of tools are essential to guarantee the security of data and thus business operations.

Cybersecurity is an absolute necessity for any business, regardless of size or industry. Protecting valuable data and ensuring continuity are inseparably linked to strong cybersecurity. That's why we're here at Neosecurity.

We are the best player in the field of cyber security and offer a complete range of services, including phishing tests, penetration tests, and security scans. This way, you don't have to worry about cybersecurity while you can focus on your core business.

Phishing is one of the biggest threats to businesses, and it's important to know how susceptible employees are to this form of cybercrime. Our phishing tests are based on realistic scenarios and provide insight into employee sensitivity and company security. This allows targeted measures to be taken to improve security. Let Neosecurity secure your company against phishing and make your employees aware of the risks.

A penetration test is another way to test and improve the security of your company. Our team of experienced security experts analyzes the network, systems, and applications, mapping out weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your security. This allows targeted measures to be taken to strengthen protection. Let Neosecurity secure your company against cyber threats and strengthen your security through a penetration test.

Our security scans are an effective way to regularly check and improve your security. In addition, we also offer the services Titus, Bolden James, and Clearswift for a secure way of communicating and collaborating on projects. Take advantage of our extensive expertise in cybersecurity and improve your digital security with Neosecurity.

Are you curious about what Neo Security can do for your business?

Contact Robert Scheer to make your organization better equipped against cybercriminals.