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Phishing: so common that attention can slacken. Stay alert!

Phishing is one of the most common ways that hackers try to access data; it is used so often that hacks through phishing are no longer highlighted in a big way.

Phishing emails are literally set up to fish for data that is valuable to use immediately or to sell later. The emails are becoming more sophisticated and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average user to distinguish between a real email and phishing. But that is where the key lies. That is why Korper ICT conducts the Phishing Test in your organization. This way you will discover how vulnerable your data is and all employees will learn how to arm themselves.

When is an email phishing? 

An email is only considered phishing when the sender of the email primarily aims to obtain login information from a target. While other types of spam ask for a contribution to transfer that supposed inheritance of billions or to pay hush money for a compromising video that would have been made, phishing tries to obtain data in a different way.

The functioning of a phishing email

Often, an attempt at phishing consists of two parts: a reconstructed portal or login screen of a trustworthy party and the email with a link that refers to it. In order to tempt people to actually enter their login information, it is important that both the email and the login screen look as if they come from a legitimate party. The more time is spent on making the phishing seem plausible, the higher the success rate. If hackers spend more time fabricating a "good" phishing email, it is important that users also become smarter in recognizing these emails.

Discover the vulnerability to phishing in your organization

Every organization has sensitive data that it does not want to end up on the street. That is why the data that is stored is well secured and all devices and programs have a password. But as soon as an employee gives away the login information, these measures lose their power. That is why it is interesting for almost every organization to conduct the Korper Phishing Test. Our test consists of three phases: setting up, shutting down and reporting. We set up an email that is sent to all employees. This email contains a link to a portal that looks as if it is from the organization itself, but in reality that environment has been built by us. If people actually log in to this fake environment, they will receive a message stating that they have fallen for phishing and explaining what they can do to avoid this in the future. The test is then shut down and a report is created in which it is stated how many people have fallen for phishing and how the weak points in the organization can be strengthened.

For every organization of any size

Recently, we did a phishing test among the xx employees of a municipality. We promised in the email that employees would receive wireless earbuds for the many home work. About half of the recipients of this email clicked on the link and x% of them logged in to our fake environment. When these figures were presented, everyone was shocked and measures were immediately taken to increase awareness. But not only organizations of this size benefit from this test, even a small office where particularly sensitive information is handled can benefit from this. Getting insight into vulnerability is the first step towards improvement.

It starts with awareness

Awareness, or the awareness of the possible dangers with every email, is a big thing. For example, it is important that everyone checks where a link takes you before clicking on it. You do this by moving over the link and checking at the bottom left of the window whether the link really takes you to the place where you expect to go. Also looking carefully at the email address of the sender can greatly reduce the success rate of the phishing email. After our phishing campaign, we present our figures and provide an awareness course to inform all users of the best and simplest ways to recognize a phishing email. In addition, there are also automated, technical solutions that are getting better and better at preventing the emails.

Prevent data leaks, fines and (reputation) damage with the Korper Phishing Test

Regardless of the size of your organization, industry or revenue: sensitive data must not end up on the street. Phishing is now so common that it is no longer newsworthy, but it remains one of the most effective ways to obtain login information. Discover how well your organization scores during the Korper Phishing Test. We will send a phishing email and show the "success" of it in a report. Of course, we will then provide awareness courses or custom-made training to secure the data in your organization as well as possible.

Gain insight into the risk your organization is running and take action.