Korper ICT wins FD Gazellen Award 2017!

Once a year the "Financieele Dagblad", the Dutch equivalent of the Financial Times, awards the fastest growing companies in Holland with a FD Gazellen Award. Thanks to our customers and partners Korper ICT has grown by more than 20%, each year, over the last 3 years. Because of this growth we have been awarded a FD Gazellen.

Over the past years we’ve helped our customers build automation solutions that save them a lot of time, money and improves the quality of their day to day operations. We do this for customers in pretty much all verticals, throughout Europe and are proud to say that we do this for very large enterprise companies as well as those who are our own size.

We would like to congratulate Adjust and Hillbrook, two of our fantastic clients, who also won a FD Gazellen because of their amazing growth. We hope that we can keep helping our existing customers and hopefully a few new ones so we can all win another growth award next year.

Have you stopped growing or do you need help keeping the quality of your work up to par while you are growing very rapidly? Contact us so we can do a quick-scan of your operation and see if we can help!