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Collaboration Korper ICT and PST Business Services

Monitoring business processes with one Fortra (former HelpSystems) solution and Automate them with the other Fortra (former HelpSystems) solution. This is the main idea behind the collaboration between Korper ICT, specialist in the field of Automate, and PST Business Services, provider of Alignia Monitoring.

Automate is software from Fortra (former HelpSystems) that Automates business processes without the need to have programming skills in-house. At present, we are the European Market leader in Automate distribution, training and consultancy.

Alignia was acquired earlier this year from Tango/04 by Fortra (former HelpSystems). Alignia offers companies the ability to monitor business processes top down. In case of failures of the processes, the cause is made immediately clear, which makes it possible to address the malfunction quickly. PST Business Services is the only supplier of Alignia solutions in the Netherlands and currently equipped several customers with business process monitoring.

Thanks to the cooperation between Korper ICT and PST Business Services we are able to Automate your business processes with Automate and to monitor them with Alignia. The ideal solution for all your business processes!

Case Study

One of the customers of Korper ICT is SNS Bank. SNS Bank streamlines File Transfer Automation with Automate BPA Server. Thanks to this Automate solution SNS Bank can easily manage more than 200 workflows. The logging also improved compared to the previous solutions, with detailed reports about the actions taken and the results. The IT-department is convinced that they will add more workflows to the Automate Enterprise server, for differing daily activities.

Although logging can monitor a lot, it remains very important to be able to trust the processes function properly. Especially when financial data is involved, as is in the case of SNS Bank. Additional monitoring at business process level is not a luxury and the best way to do so, is with Alignia Monitoring.

Do you need more information about the colaboration between Korper ICT and PST? Get in touch via info@korper.nl or call us at 020-7165487.