GoAnywhere: the safest MFT solution of today and tomorrow

GoAnywhere is the safest way to share data, both inside and outside your organisation. This solution centralizes all possible file transfers and encrypts them every step of the way. Thanks to intelligent automation, delivered data can be used server-to-server according to a predetermined flow. GoAnywhere is always available through the browser, which truly makes it an all-round solution. Anytime, anywhere.

Why use a Managed File Transfer?

For virtually any organisation, sharing information is an essential part of their services. When it comes to sharing passwords, financial data or PII, one would expect this to be handled in a careful and conscientious way. However, with scripts, data snippets or data that doesn’t seem sensitive at first glance, people often don’t recognize the importance of sharing this data securely.

But every single file transfer creates its risks. Hackers can intercept the transfer and send along their own code snippets in order to create a backdoor for later. If they choose to leak data or take it hostage, it is already impossible to grasp the amount of damage inflicted. With the GoAnywhere MFT, all file transfers are centrally encrypted and restricted to make sharing data as secure as possible.

The most important requirements for your MFT solution

There are multiple MFT solutions available. The one best suited for you depends on your organisation and its required level of security. Because of the wide range of options that this solution provides, we always recommend to take GoAnywhere into consideration.

GoAnywhere provides server-to-server integration

Where most MFTs provide no or limited solutions for server-to-server integration, GoAnywhere makes this particularly easy to realize. Start a project and define the various steps that need to be taken with exchanged data types. Subsequently, these encrypted steps are executed according to the schedule, even when connections with other programs or applications are required.

Share data from and to any device and operating system with GoAnywhere

GoAnywhere has apps for all major platforms and operating systems, enabling everyone to send and receive data at any time. Evidently, it is also possible to use the browser-based web client to gain insight in the current state of affairs regarding data exchange. Integration with all major platforms, cloud-based solutions, databases, applications and other MFTs makes GoAnywhere the most comprehensive package.

Meet all compliancy requirements

One of the most important reasons to choose an MFT solution is to comply with all requirements, rules and regulations concerning privacy, security and liability that apply to your organisation. GoAnywhere provides you with full control over who can share which information inside and outside the organisation, and how this data should be encrypted. With the comprehensive reporting tool you can always provide proof of your organisation’s compliance with GDPR, PCI-DSS or any other requirement.

Your data, your GoAnywhere

With other Cloud solutions, such as Azure or Amazon Web Services, all transferred data runs through their own servers. GoAnywhere takes a different approach; it’s integrated in your own environment. This ensures that your data remains your data, and that you have complete control over the data as well as the rules and regulations it needs to comply with.

GoAnywhere offers a solution for virtually any organisation

The number of cyberattacks has increased explosively in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue. Therefore, every organisation should recognize the importance of securing all potential access points that hackers can use to obtain sensitive data. An MFT makes security significantly easier.

With GoAnywhere, your organisation is assured of oversight and control over all file transfers, regardless of sender, recipient or data type. Depending on the constraints that you define yourself, data can be exchanged between people or machines, with every step of the transfer encrypted. Do you have any questions about GoAnywhere, or would you like to know more about how easy it is to integrate in your organisation? Feel free to contact us so we can tell you all about it.