The three biggest cyber security challenges in 2022

In December 2021, when a couple of teenagers attempted to hack Minecraft and discovered a vulnerability in the Log4j code, the world got a serious wake-up call. Soon it became evident that this zero-day vulnerability was present in virtually any organisation, giving hackers a new, global point of entry to sensitive data within large and small organisations. The code was quickly patched, but the new patch unveiled yet another vulnerability. It took another two patches to fully seal the leak. During the three weeks it took to create the four patches, virtually all organisations worldwide were susceptible to hacker attacks.

How an organisation can go back to relying on software and data

The discovery of a vulnerability like the Log4j once again emphasizes how fragile a digital environment can be. These types of accidentally built-in vulnerabilities create huge opportunities for hackers; organisations are left to the mercy of patch developers, depending on how quick they can come up with a solution. But when four patches are required to truly seal a leak, it causes doubt amongst organisations: is this really the last patch? How can I be sure that my data is actually secure? And can I still rely on the other software that I work with on a daily basis?

Korper ICT introduces the NEO Security: custom AI-driven solutions

Every sector and every organisation is different. Therefore, a custom solution is always required for maximum protection of an organisation’s data. With Korper ICT’s NEO Security, your data is fully protected thanks to AI-driven software, which is integrated based on a consultancy trajectory. This enables us to only use the modules needed for your specific organisation, to comply with e.g. NEN 27001 or other required certifications. The thing that makes the Cyber Security Suite so interesting, is that it offers solutions for the three biggest cyber security challenges in 2022:

1. Prevention of supply chain attacks

In the case of Log4j, the vulnerability in the code was accidentally created and discovered. But there are also hackers who intentionally create a vulnerability in software. As soon as this backdoor is implemented at a specific target, or within a lot of organisations, they start to exploit it. Take the SolarWinds breach, for example. The biggest Network Management System in the world became the victim of a supply chain attack that made the data and operation of each and any of their clients vulnerable. It is the subtle way in which the attack took place that emphasizes how advanced hackers have become, and how long a vulnerability can remain unnoticed.

With the Cyber Security Suite, these vulnerabilities are automatically detected and placed in quarantine, so that an expert can analyse the suspicious code. Eventually, the AI learns how to deal with this data, so that these actions can also be executed automatically.

2. Quick and efficient patch management

With the Log4j hack it became evident that four different patches were required to secure the software. This does not inspire much confidence that it is a solid solution. This is why the NEO Security has its own patch management solution, that screens patches before they are implemented. Without this solution, there would always be the possibility that a patch adds new vulnerabilities to the system. It is therefore extremely important to thoroughly check patches for intentional or unintentional mistakes.

Creating immutable backups is a crucial element of this patch management. These backups can never be modified, which makes it impossible for a hacker to bring in a new vulnerability when a backup is restored. With Korper ICT’s NEO Security, solid patch management is a standard part of the solution. By utilizing fail-safe patching, for example, automatic backups are created at every endpoint, enabling direct rollbacks when an issue arises.

3. Ransomware damage control

Ransomware is one of the most common forms of cybercrime, because it is largely dependent on human errors. Calculations show that on average, a ransomware attack is executed every 11 seconds, so it is not inconceivable that every now and then an attack becomes successful. As soon as a hacker uses the link to gain undetected access to the system, they can immediately activate the ransomware or place a code snippet in the software to do so at a later time. In the case of the latter, the hacker hopes that the code remains unnoticed in backups so that the backdoor stays open – even after a recovery.

One of the best ways to prevent ransomware is to continuously train all users to identify suspicious emails and other situations that facilitate cybercrime. Furthermore, the NEO Security automated solution is the ideal partner because it protects the technical side against malware on three levels: proactively, through solid patch management and removing malware from existing backups; actively, through real-time defence mechanisms against malware; and reactively, by enabling quick recovery after an attack and restoring immutable backups.

Combining consultancy and AI ensures the best possible security

No organisation is ever completely protected against attacks. Hackers always try to gain access to data, either to do something with it or to take it hostage for ransom. The only thing you can do to arm yourself is to ensure you have the most intelligent security in place. Firstly, by creating awareness amongst employees; and secondly, by setting up a custom AI-driven NEO Security. Patterns are recognized, potential threats are mitigated and vulnerabilities are patched before they can actually cause any damage.

At Korper ICT, we believe that a safer online world should be possible for everyone. That is why we have developed this NEO Security. Thanks to our extensive knowledge on cyber security and our genuine conviction that most cyber issues can be prevented with smart solutions, this cutting-edge approach has become the most advanced solution available. We strive for a better online world for everyone, and our NEO Security provides essential security.


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