Programming your own software robot? Of course you can

Korper ICT is specialized in workload and business process automation. We can help you to accelerate or fully automate your process.

Automation remains one of the best ways to make work processes more efficient. When we’re talking about automation, people often tend to think about machines: robots that can take over production work. But automation goes much deeper than that. Robots can also execute (repetitive) tasks at the office. Usually much faster, safer and with less chance of errors.

Within every organization there is a substantial amount of tasks that we would call boring; re-entering employee working hours from Excel into the accounting system, for example. Or sending out a financial order every day at the same time. The employees that have to execute these tasks probably want to spend their time in a better and more creative way. However, those tasks still need to get done. Is there no solution for that?

Robotic Process Automation

We asked ourselves the same question in a previous professional life, when we were manually processing order sheets. Until we started working with our own automated order system, that took over our manual task. The underlying technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), turned out to be very interesting and complicated. But we found a solution that made setting up these automated processes a lot easier; Automate. Instead of having to write intricate code, Automate enables you to create a fully automated process – your own software robot – without needing any programming experience.

We are here for you

We were so happy with the solutions that Automate and RPA enabled us to create for ourselves, that we wanted to share them with our clients. Because just like we experienced back then, we knew that every organization has manual tasks that need to be executed repeatedly - but are actually perfect to automate. That is the philosophy behind Korper ICT. Together with our clients, we take a look at those tasks; how can we automate them and how can clients set up and manage it themselves? From office automation to business-critical processes in for example the banking industry, we are here for everyone. We also train employees to get familiar with the software and set up their own processes. And never without aiming for the best possible security.

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You may have a lot of questions when it comes to automation and RPA. So we’re starting a blog. There you can read about the benefits of automation, how Automate enables you to automate your own processes, the importance of security, what we think the digital revolution will look like and what role Korper ICT will play in this revolution – a big one, as far as we’re concerned.
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