Is your organisation adequately protected against cybercrime?

Cyber security is an important issue for every organisation

Whoever thinks that it’s only the large organisations that have to protect themselves against cybercrime, is in for a disappointment. Virtually every organisation deals with sensitive information, such as personal data of customers or clients and confidential internal documents. Aside from the problems that a potential hack may cause, inadequate security can cost you a lot more money than the security itself.

Ecommerce, service or offline shop: everyone’s got data

The sensitivity of data in an organisation is often underestimated. “Our collected data is not that interesting, so hackers probably wouldn’t even be bothered” is one frequently heard argument. However, people tend to forget that in a lot of cases it is not about the content and value of the data – it is about how important this data is to the organisation. By blocking data access with ransomware, an organisation can get completely stuck and no longer fulfil basic services. Furthermore, it sends out a very wrong signal to customers. If you’re not even capable of carefully handling their personal data, how much confidence can they possibly have in your services or products?

You can’t underestimate the cost of reputational damage

A hack or ransomware attack can cause major internal issues, that much is clear. But have you considered the immaterial consequences? Indeed, you will also have to deal with reputational damage. Nobody wants to open the morning newspaper to be confronted with headlines like “<Name organisation> hacked due to poor security” in big black letters. Your competitors will take advantage of the news by emphasizing that they do have their security in order. This will result in your customers leaving you, while prospects will no longer have confidence in your business.

Heavy fines from the Dutch Data Protection Authority

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) imposes heavy fines when there has been a data breach that could have reasonably been avoided. Fines can be as high as 10 million euros or 2% of the annual global turnover of the organisation. Combined with the damage suffered by the hack itself and the consequent reputational damage, such a penance can be an organisation’s death sentence. This is why it is always wiser to invest in adequate data security, instead of accepting the risk of cybercrime.

Better safe than sorry: Korper ICT offers solutions for every organisation

The cost of a solid security is always lower than the material and immaterial costs of a hack. You should be aware that there are marketplaces for purchasing hacks and ransomware attacks. This means that whoever wants to attack your organisation, doesn’t even need to be able to write a single line of code. The threat is real for any organisation, regardless of its size or industry. Fortunately, there are always suitable solutions available that significantly reduce the chances of your organisation getting hacked.

Korper ICT collaboration with the RPC during Week of Security

Every year, the Week of Security is dedicated to a specific subject. This year’s edition (October 11th – 17th, 2021) will focus on cybercrime. Korper ICT offers training for organisations to highlight the importance of a solid security strategy. We increase awareness by giving confrontational examples and provide organisations with the tools to boost their data security. 

Would you like to participate in this free online training? Visit the website of the Regional Platform for Crime Control (RPC) to sign up and protect your organisation!